Sunday, February 05, 2006

Challenge #4

Welcomen one and all to Big Brother: Naboo's fourth challengen. Today, yousa task issen to hiden someting from mesa - any object from yousa rooms. However, mesa Big Brother: mesa see everyting in thissen housen. Yousa will have to finden a way of stoppen mesa hidden cameras from finden itsa. Of course, yousa will have to tell mesa after der challenge how yousa did itsa so mesa can stop yousa in future...

Yousa item must be noah larger dan 2x2x2 feet, and mussen be hiden inside der housen. Other dan dat, theresa noah restrictions. Ready... set... go.


Blogger flu said...

well, I was gonna hide my chimpupzee, but he's out in the tree...

11:23 AM  

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