Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Oneida: Quite an Experience

I stepped back into the house with a tentative step. Yes, I definitely had some good times here, but I also had some, well, I don’t want Fluke trying to feed me food again. I do miss most of the people that I lived here with, though I see some of them from time to time on Coruscant, which is nice. And yes, I would have liked to have won, but who wouldn’t have?

My favorite challenge was the one where we had to hide something. It was a fun one to come up with an item, a hiding place, and then try to get it hidden. I loved what some of the other people came up with in that challenge.

My least favorite was the shrubbery contest, and that was only because the power adapter on my computer died, leaving me with a dead computer filled with various shrubbery in a city far, far away from home. Oh well, I thought the challenge idea was neat (stoopid power adapter)

I had a wonderful time getting to interact with everyone. And now I think I will check out what’s on the grill and go chat with some people.

Friday, May 05, 2006

HELP !!!!

Somebody Help, Im Gettin Double teamed in Here .

Where is JJ When I need Him !!!



Monday, April 24, 2006

Padmé: Let's Party

Let's party!

K, so I'm here and ready to party!

I'm still totally bummin' that I didn't win cuz being a Senator kinda sucks lately and I could have retired with that million credits. But being on the show was, like, way fun. I guess I'll share some of my favorite memories before I get too drunk to remember.

My favorite challenge was the poetry contest and I really loved the lemon dress I conceptualized.

My least favorite challenge was that pirate attack thing. That was just way too weird. Like, what do I know about pirates?

Highlights include JJ's posts on the hidden item and the pirate adventure, Fluke's hidden item post... I think I've been missing I-SUC, too. Then there was that droid-building contest judged by, um Darth Vader. That was really awesome and I totally want to know if Typho gets to keep that DEEJAY droid. I enjoyed getting to know JJ, Fluke and Jon better - you guys know how to party. It was even kinda OK getting to know Jabafatboy - thanks for the info on Aurra Sing, man! And it's cool that Typho and Ranae are, like, hitting it off again.

K, well, I need to go get more tequila. Seems like my bottles are all empty...

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Enjoyed it here !!

Man It sure is nice ta be back on this planet with all you crazy folks again.

I was hopin that I would have some company while I was up here, and then I find out that its gonna be a party.

JJ is bringin Brownies, and Mos Eisley.

Flooke has got a band of rockin female T'wileks, that do a great rendition of some old earth tunes.

Everybodys been arrivin a little bit at a time.

I hope Oneida makes it back, shes nuts but shes fun.

And Padme , well I think even ole Green feet hisself enjoyed watchin her !

Man she was a hoot .

Well , anyway it is great ta be here......... Is that JJ I see commin up here ?

It is , Hot Diggity

HEY JJ , Bring the beer !!! Come on in man , This is Great !

Aw man , turn the knob , set the heat !! It dont get no better than this !

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

J.J. : Good Times...and Outtakes.

Well…a party, eh?

Who am I to turn down that? Especially from such an old dear friend like Fluke. Yup. An old dear…rich….very rich friend like Fluke.

It was good to see everyone again. But this time, I think I’ll not drink so much. The last after reality show rap-up party I went to, I ended up married the next morning.

Looking back, the ol Gungan did a good job. The challenges were inventive and I loved having the guest judges near the end. I only wish some of the others didn’t get voted off so early. Mostly people that our society deem as “villains” too. What’s up with that? So some of them are bounty hunters, Separatist generals and….um…well, Hutts. That doesn’t mean ya got ta vote em off the show. Next time you should vote people off solely due to their performance in a given challenge. But hey, that’s just me. (Although it was kinda nice having that huge holo room all to my self…)

A lot of the challenges I really enjoyed too. Something about Padmé getting all feisty when decorating her room and getting in a cat fight had me rolling on the floor laughing.

The poetry night was pretty cool too. All in all, it was a fun few months. These kinda things really help with the creativity.

My personal favorite was the pirate challenge. Everyone’s posts on that were fantastic. Oh…the puns…the glorious puns…

Speaking of which, my own little adventure with them was not without a few…um…mishaps. So here are a couple of outtakes from my little pirate adventure.

First off, here I am with my first attempt trying to swing down on a rope to confront the evil pirates. It took me five tries to get it right….

Also, there was this….unfortunate incident where I got a little…oh…overzealous in my battle scenes.

I kinda blacked out there. I hope the gran was okay.

All in all, good times were had. And I’d do it all again in a shot. Come to think of it, I’d do it all again with some shots.

An Apology

When I was added on as judge, my first post was not vital to the scheme of things on the site and simply a tie in to events in my own blog. This was selfish, but more so, in that I used the characters that remained in the game without permission. I did so with the assumption that I knew their characters enough to use them. I received a comment after the post by Typho about how out of character I had written him.
I apologise for the wrongful usage of these characters. I meant no malice in the utilisation, but my actions have improperly portrayed several well-defined characters.
If there is any action I can do to rectify my unauthorised plagiarism theft, please let me know.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Typho: Looking Back

[The baby is sleeping!]

I never knew what to expect from the challenges, and that made Big Brother: Naboo a great game. I especially liked the switch late in the game to the guest judges. I felt that made things less random and it encouraged everyone to post more creatively.

Ironically, my favorite challenge wasn't one of the ones I won -- it was the poetry contest. My least favorite posts were the pirate attack and the sculpture contest (though I liked the image I made for the latter).

My favorite post by another player was Fluke's hidden object post. :D

The only thing I didn't like about this game was when people started posting dialogue for other characters and/or assigning out of character actions for them without asking first. A judge did this as well. Was it so hard to just ask?

I loved the game, however. I'd certainly play another one. Maybe in a few months when things settle down for me.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Jon: Smokin'

(Jon does not endorse smoking)

I'm glad to be back here at Big Brother: Naboo, the title of this entry refers to my awesome smoking jacket, of course. Let me just pour myself a fresh beertini and give you my take on the action.

I had a lot of fun doing this and I thought that my character really got a chance to shine, striving so hard to win these challenges and failing magnificently. The lemon tree comes immediately to mind, but then so does the room decorations and the robot-building. I got to do some things that I never would have done in my own blog.

One of the things that I worried about during the challenges was other people coming up with the same ideas that I had, like using all the lame pirate puns. So when the challenges were posted, I tried to write something as quickly as I could, as soon as inspiration struck me. This then caused me to worry that the readers would think "Oh boy, here comes Jon again, he's gotta post first." I even wrote a few entries and sat on them for a couple days just so I wouldn't be the first to post. Call me weird, I guess.

And here's something for the outtakes reel: when the art challenge was posted, I read it quickly and then read it again at home, entirely missing the point that we were supposed to create sculptures. It wasn't until Fluke and Oneida both pointed it out to me that I quickly wrote the post with the kiln that went up to 11. Despite that, or maybe because of it, I thought that series went very well and seeing the American Gothic with Star Wars characters still makes me smile bemusedly.

My only (and so very mild) disappointment was that I never received immunity and I really thought that I was going to get it for the droid-building challenge. After I made the protocol droid, I then thought that I should have made one that did bad stand-up comedy, but oh well. Getting Darth Vader to judge was inspired, of course, and his post was very funny as well.

My only other concern is that some of the newer characters like Jango got booted pretty quickly and we didn't get much opportunity to interact with them. I kind of wish they could have stuck around a little longer, except Jaba (insert rimshot). So don't take it personally, and I hope you all want to come back for the next one, whatever that could be (hint hint).

So that's about it, and it looks like my glass is empty. Oh beertender, one more please!